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Watering Can

Mission Statement

Our mission at Pono Outdoor Program is to inspire our members to reach their highest potential as free-thinking, creative, sovereign human beings who have a lifelong love of learning. We offer self-directed education to member families and their children entirely in the outdoors with the goal of reunifying humanity with nature by teaching indigenous lifeways and values. 

We teach through exercising the rights, customarily and traditionally exercised for subsistence, cultural, and religious purposes with the guidance of our customs advisor and other ahupua‘a tenants who are descendants of native Hawaiians who inhabited the Hawaiian Islands prior to 1778.


Pono – to make right of what has been missing in our society, we focus on the health and sustainability of mind, body, and spirit as is reflected in our environment and immediate surroundings. We believe that the synthesis of humanity and nature is crucial for our survival and teaching our community the means to thrive with this understanding is the basis of our program. 


As a community collective of all ages, we believe that every individual, big and small, has a gift and skill set to share with the world. Here everyone can find their place within a co-creative learning environment. We strive to exemplify the values of pono (doing what is right), aloha, love, honesty, respect, kuleana (responsibility), integrity, and gratitude in every lesson for our keiki and the greater community. With these values, we know our keiki and future generations will thrive. 

Our private members exercise their fundamental right to provide all manner of education to their children secured with the platform of our PEA (Private Educational Association).

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