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Pono Outdoor Program runs Monday-Thursday, 9am-2pm and Friday 9am-1pm

Locations include: 
  • Beaches and public streams – learning ocean safety, wilderness first aid, swimming, surfing, foraging, water distillation, and more. 
  • Public parks and forests – learning shelter building, foraging, hiking, meditation, earthing, ancestral skills.
  • Farms around Maui – learning regenerative and organic farming, native plants, invasive species, raising animals, and much more.



Most of our students utilize wild reading and wild math curriculum, however, we also have a group that use The Good and The beautiful curriculum and even choose no curriculum. It is the families choice and their free right to give their children what they would like. However, the staff can give suggestions if you need assistance. 

Life Skills


Life skills taught at Pono Outdoor Program include regenerative farming, fire making (without store-bought tools), water filtration, shelter building, wild food foraging, medicinal plant identification, wound healing in the wilderness, positive effective communication, independence, confidence, respect, integrity, perseverance and much more.

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