Where is Pono Outdoor Program located?

We meet for daily field trips and excursions in various locations. Our program has recently moved entirely outdoors.

How much does it cost?

We have a strong desire to meet the needs of the public and therefore, our fees are a fraction of the cost of many other similar programs. We therefore ask for more from our families with volunteering, carpooling, chaperoning, etc. A breakdown of tuition cost can be found on the Program page. Families have the option to either print or purchase their own copies of core curriculum books consisting of math, english, reading and writing.

What do we need to bring?

Nutritious lunches with at least two snacks, as well as water bottles are a must daily, Close-toed shoes are also a must, as well as dressing in layers, as we spend most of our days outdoors.

What is your policy on medical implications of Covid protocols?

At Pono Outdoor Program, we feel it's the right of the parents to choose what is best for their keiki.