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Private Educational Association

ARTICLE II - Purpose

This association is organized to allow the Private Membership Association founders and the Private Membership Association members a platform in which to secure the education of the members family as a Fundamental Right and to provide a faith-based education to the children of all Association members. 

To maintain an environment for members, and members families to provide all manner of Education including primary and secondary education as directed by the parents, all manner of products, services, and information which may be deemed beneficial to the Association and members by the Association founders and Trustees. 

 (A) The Association is created and organized as a Private Membership Association operating in accordance with a private contractual relationship between the Association and its members, under the direction of the association's Trustees. 

(B) The Association's assets and earnings will be disposed of in accordance with the Articles of Association, at the direction of the Trustees; and  

(1) For the ordinary and necessary expenses of operating, maintaining, and improving the Association. 

(2) As payment for the acquisition of property for expansion or benefit of the Association and


(3) For creating a fund to provide a source of income for the benefit of the Association or a reasonable reserve for any ordinary or necessary purpose. The Association may collect membership dues, fees, or contributions for the foregoing purposes. Contributions for a specifically designated purpose shall be accepted and used for such purpose if the Trustees of the Association, at their own discretion, find such purpose acceptable and within the purposes established under the Articles of Association. 


(C) To use such other means and methods as the Trustees of this Association may from time to time determine to be appropriate for the accomplishment of the purpose for which this association is organized and which are not contrary to the Bylaws of the Association or to the other terms and provisions hereof. All the properties and income of the association are hereby permanently and exclusively dedicated and devoted to such purposes and to that end the Trustees shall hold, invest, reinvest, protect, manage, and control such property and apply the income arising therefrom as they may or shall from time to time determine and, in such manner, as they may deem advisable for the purposes aforesaid.

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